digital gardening

Maggie Appleton wrote a really good brief on digital gardening that convinced me to get started. The tldr is this:

  1. transparent note-taking
  2. open source
  3. bi-directional links

The goal of digital gardening is to create an environment that grows and evolves naturally over time and by doing so, the need for perfect content is eradicated.

I’m also just a feind for long form content and I’ve been dissatisfied with current blogging platforms (but I will try to maintain mine for cohesive, developed prose). I also wanted a reason to dabble in html/css and I figure that the best way to learn is by doing (see my scatterbrained colophon).

Here’s a running list of digital gardens I enjoy:

  2. Tom Critchlow
  3. Maggie Appleton’s digital gardening repo
  4. Nikita Voloboev’s wiki
  5. board on ‘creating digital gardens

And some references & tools for digital curation

  1. Tom Critchlow on Wikis
  2. neocities seems like a cool platform to host a garden (like this)
  3. obsidian is gaining a lot of traction on tiktok i think… i haven’t played around with it myself but it can definitely support a garden like platform
  4. notion is a good platform for digital gardening, especially if you don’t want to publically publish it (but there are options to make it public too!)
  5. is a great platform too for gardening and also just for personal web-keeping and moodboarding

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