big list — talyssa's digital garden

stuff i find in a fleeting moment, stuff my friends share, stuff i want to come back to


  1. generative garden art by Michael Zancan
  2. tomas sanchez
  3. frederic edwin church and on
  4. content by connie zheng
  5. writing coastlines, phd thesis by j.r. carpenter
  6. as well as the garden
  8. a website is a room
  9. how to run a small social media site for your friends
  10. creative digital reference archive
  11. symphony in acid
  12. jonas luebbers, creative developer
  13. @hotemogf’s website
  14. i miss knowing what everyone’s handwriting looks like
  15. net art anthology
  16. maya man’s website and body of work
  17. sandspiel ** this is beautiful !!!!
  18. magnetic poetry
  19. internet archive especially the magazine rack


  1. w3schools try it editor i use this a lot
  2. space type generator
  3. schultzschultz tools
  4. developh
  5. neocities –> i haven’t tried it myself but this is so cool! seems like a viable place to host a digital garden
  6. copyright free images from the british library
  7. twitter archiver
  8. 3D ascii generator


  1. drive my car
  2. memories of murder
  3. Charlie Kaufman screenwriters’ lecture
  4. cinemarii’s film lists
  5. made in abyss
  6. why japan’s internet is weirdly designed – follow up: how culture made japanese internet design “weird”
  7. what is love. baby you’re hurting me by savannah brown


  1. feeling asian podcast
  2. Derrick Gee playlists
  3. Camden Art podcasts
  4. ancient green robin wall kimmerer


  1. common discourse substack
  2. prescription videogames may be the future of medicine
  3. neuroscape ucsf
  4. psilocybin rewires the brain for people with depression
  5. the many deaths of laila starr by ram v
  6. emergence magazine
  7. decolonizing psychedelics
  8. the word for world is still forest
  9. independent book store reparations club
  10. teachings of the garden
  11. work by James Somers –> i should have loved biology
  12. nikita voloboev’s notes on writing simply
  13.’s debrief on mindful internet use
  14. why aren’t there more websites about love? chia amisola, escape the algorithm
  15. maya man is escaping the instagram identity crisis
  16. the great offline – real life mag